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Sometimes, either the server or your mIRC client will mess up. Then, you are disconnected from the network. When you reconnect, you will probably get a message that your nick is already in use. This is because the server still thinks your client is connected. The server will ping you (the client) to make sure you are still there. When it gets no response, it knows that you are no longer active, and the connection between you and the server will die.

There are two ways to get past this:
A) Register your nick using NickServ (if the network offers it), and use the ghost command (/nickserv help ghost) to get the server to kill the old connection instantly.
B) Just wait for the server to see that the client is dead. This will usually take less than two minutes, but can take a little more sometimes.

I recommend that you register your nick at all times so that nobody else can log on as you.

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last modified: 2002-07-14 13:39:25