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If one computer has no internet connection, you can do this.
(This assumes you have CD-burning capabilities.)

Download UD Monitor, and have it set up with some cache slots.

Grab the cache slots filled with work units you have downloaded and then burn them to CD (or use disks but with these new work units they are around 1-2 MB).

On the other computer, make sure UD Monitor and UD are installed. Make a cache slot so it creates the folder. Then put the work units from the CD or whatever media you used to get them to this computer from your other one on this computer. You will have to put the work units in the UDm cache folder. If you already have cache slots then rename the work units you are bringing from the other computer to a higher number. Make sure read only is off.

You can do this with results or work units.

I did this. Computer 1 couldn't connect to UD servers. I sent the finished result to computer 2 in a folder. Then I did the above and it created a new cache slot by adding it in UD Monitor. It still kept the old ratings of the computer until it sent the result and downloaded a new one. It then updated the ratings to the computer it is on now.

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