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Not all posts appear immediately. Your post may be delayed so that a moderator can verify that it is suitable. The system has a long list of trigger events that cause posts to be queued. These include: buried email addresses, phone numbers, spam phrases or spammed URLs, file attachments or even posts coming from IP blocks that have spammed the forum in the past.

If your post is on topic and not likely to be flagged by the community as spam, off-topic, flames or worse, then it WILL appear -- often within minutes (day) to hours (night). It depends on how many mods are around and how busy they are.

If you have been WARNED over posts in the past and have ignored the warning, your account may have been flagged so that for a period ALL posts you make are queued first.

Most bans for first warning violations are short (days), so things will be back to normal later. Again, refer to the above paragraph; if your post is on topic, it will appear!

Thank you for your understanding and your contribution in helping to keep the forums civil and useful to all members.

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last modified: 2007-12-13 09:08:41