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The Hey Mods button, located at the bottom of all posts in the forums and reviews, is there to help members keep the site "friendly." There is an associated system called the "Queue," where moderators are notified of items needing their attention via the Hey Mods and other means.

When you click on the Hey Mods button, this is the screen you will see:

The options are pretty self-explanatory. Items that might call for the Other section could include duplicate posts, threads needing to be moved or anything else not described in the existing options.

Once activated, the item will be brought to the attention of the appropriate moderator(s) responsible for the forum or area that generated the alert, or to one of several "roaming" mods.

Depending upon the nature of the item involved, it might be vaporized, sent to Post Jail, locked, "edited by moderator" or left alone (no action taken). In some cases, a moderator may post a reply to the message.

In the first four cases, use of the Hey Mods produced an appropriate action. It served the purpose of enabling the moderators to watch the site without having to read every single one of the thousands of daily posts.

In the last two cases it did not produce the actions suggested, and thus was an inappropriate use of the system. If this happens more than once, it may be that it's time to become a little more tolerant.

This system is not a way for members to harass others on the site. That is one reason for the limit of 10 hey mods a day. Please see Rules on Posting for additional important information. It's also not a way for you to continue your arguments in a forum you've been banned from. That is certain to extend or widen the current ban.

Also see this thread for additional discussion.

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