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how-to block ads

Up until lately, no. But the various Windows RPC exploits have resulted in SBC blocking port 135. If you need to use that, you will have to call tech support to have it opened back up for your account. See this forum post for details.

UPDATE 10-21-04: There is no announced start date for this, but the SBCIS brain trust has decided that you do not deserve a clean connection to the Internet and are going to start blocking port 25 outbound on dynamic accounts.
See /forum/remark,11613086~mode=flat and this little missive from our friends as SBCIS

Update 02-08-05: Evidence of port 25 blocking in Ameritech territory started appearing in the forum last night. See /forum/remark,12480346~mode=flat for details. As of this update the automated opt-out process appears to both work and is very quick. However, there is still a faint ham odor of unspecified origin.

Please read /faq/11943 if you think your outbound email is being blocked, especially if you do not use the SBC SMTP servers.

Update 08-16-05: SBC has been filtering the Windows NetBios networking ports (135-139) for awhile, and has also been blocking 445 on dynamic accounts. This may have saved countless unpatched systems from the RBOT.CBQ; RBOT.CBR and Zotob.d worms which took out some high profile media organizations today. See /forum/remark,14149087 for discussion.

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