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You can search the site from the menu of almost any page:

or in any forum from the search box in the upper right corner:

This search engine has its limitations: It will not search for phrases or multiple words adjacent to each other. It also does not explicitly support Boolean searches, such as "Cable AND expensive," "router OR switch," etc.

Putting your search words in quotes does not work.
What are "stopwords"?
Stopwords are words that are too common. If you search for a common word, like "help," the system has to retrieve possibly 200,000 posts containing "help," and the page would probably time out, or the server would bog down. If you see "(stopword)" in the results, you'll know that you used a word or character that was ignored by the search engine.
The search functionality that IS provided is equivalent to a Boolean "AND" of each term you enter.

For example entering:
router switch

... causes the search engine to find all documents containing both "router" AND "switch."
Many special characters are also ignored by the search engine, such as:
@ " +
Thanks to truckeean for this entry.

You can now construct a link to the Topic Search (upper right corner in each forum main page) to search for a topic in a forum. Here's how:


...where "forum-name" is the actual forum name, and "topic" is the topic you'd like to search. For example:

To search for all topics related "NetBEUI" in Networking forum, one would do:
Thanks to graffixx for this entry.

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