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First cardinal rule: Don't ask.

Don't hint about your abilities, about your availability, what a good moderator you would make or ask to be considered. These are basically disqualifying.

When the site is in need of a new moderator or two, we find someone to fill the need based upon certain attributes: their participation on the site, their helpfulness, temperament and consistency -- big words, but those are *some* essential ingredients of the role of moderator here. Candidates are basically drafted rather than invited.

Although it's entirely possible and probable that some volunteers would be excellent moderators, history has shown that a large number of those who do, do so for the wrong reasons. The site management has determined that is far more effective to select moderators based upon their activities on the site and the character they have demonstrated.

Said long ago, by Monica:

We only want moderators who don't really want to become one.

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last modified: 2008-02-14 19:40:39