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I was sending some IMs, and I received the following message:

What gives?

In order to prevent the spamming of site users by IM, the system will currently allow you to send unsolicited IMs OR E-MAILS only a few times, (more for premium members) after which you will see the message above and will be unable to send more. However, you are normally able to send IMs to members that you have communicated with before and who are still in your IM history, and if a member responds to your IM, it is not "unsolicited." IMs drop out of the database after a couple of weeks, so even if you have communicated with a member before, it may appear as an unsolicited IM to the system for that reason.

HOWEVER: Because the system does allow a few unsolicited instant messages per day, this should not be construed as permitting SPAM of any type. SPAM is not welcome anywhere on this site.
The count will reset each day, so if this happens to you, simply wait until the next day.

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