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First, find the forum topic that most pertains to the question you want to ask. Then, read over the questions others have asked to see if someone else has already asked it (you may find your answer this way). If not, then you're ready to start a new thread.

Starting a new thread:

Simply click on the new topic icon at the top right of the page. Try to come up with an effective "catchy title" for your post. This is what people see, and it often dictates whether your post gets the traffic you would like.

Replying to another post:

If you are not creating a new topic, it is preferable to use the link on the post to which you are replying. This gives the original poster a notification of your reply (if they elected that option). If you are adding more information to the entire topic, or replying to the original post, you can use the link at the bottom of the topic.

Note: When reading through the posts in a thread, you may see a "In reply to" link in small text at the top of certain posts:

This link indicates that the author of that particular post was responding to the poster whose name is in the link. Clicking on the link will show you the post that was responded to.

Entering your text:
Type your question into the text box, including any details that may help get a more specific answer. It's a good idea to let your text flow (word wrap) rather than use the return key. This allows the text to look the same to all users. When finished, choose if and how you want to be notified of replies to your question (e-mail, instant message or none). Finally, use the spell check option and/or preview. This gives you a chance to correct any spelling errors highlighted in red ... please do ... and finally, hit "Post Now."

Please do not reply to threads that are more than a week or so old. You will generally receive a warning when trying to do so, and that warning is there for a reason. In this case, start a new topic.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I can not post a new thread because I don't have that option available on my screen, why not ?

    2015-02-09 15:35:16 (Paul416 See Profile)

  • "How do you quote and reply to just part of someone's original post ? Maybe just one sentence." Just delete the part of the quote that you don't want to reply to.

    2009-07-16 20:07:33 (fonzbear2000 See Profile)

  • How do you quote and reply to just part of someone's original post ? Maybe just one sentence.

    2008-12-17 12:56:48 (ndt See Profile)

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