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The Post Jail Forum, now known as "Out of Sight," is for posts that do not serve any of the purposes that DSLR was created for, such as flame wars, personal attacks on individuals, profanity and/or obscenity, childish acts of attempting to stir up trouble between users and generally negative and counter-productive content, including SPAM.

DSLR was founded in the spirit of teamwork and for positive exchanges of information -- the posts sent to Jail do not meet those standards.

The Post Jail Forum is for moderator reference, and in the interest of keeping the site experience a positive one, it's reserved for moderator access. Content is kept in case someone needs to refer to it to make a decision, to help resolve conflicts or provide an opportunity for the moderators to get a consensus on whether a questionable posting should remain in Jail or be placed back in the public view.

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last modified: 2007-12-13 09:11:56