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The Good Way
    •You're helpful to other members.
    •You never respond to trolls or flame other users.
    •Your posts stick to the forum topic.
    •You never post for the sake of posting.
    •You remain reasonable when things get heated.
    •You know what it means to "agree to disagree."
    •You're polite, friendly and enjoy interacting with other people.
    •You ALWAYS say thank you.

The Bad Way:
    •You bait, flame and swear in the forums.
    •Your posts are frequently off-topic and your questions are unrelated or repeated.
    •You post "My Provider Sucks! Don't get them!" without saying WHY.
    •You like to see your name on the screen, so you
      •Reply to requests, already answered ...
      •Re-ask your question ... after only an hour ...
      •Start a new thread to answer a question ...
    •When asked for more information, you don't reply.
    •You ask the same question in multiple forums.
    •You re-open topics closed by moderation.
    •You NEVER say thank you.

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