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The Buddy List, which you can reach from the icon pictured below, is a way for you to see when other users are online. Your buddies appear in GREEN if they have been online in the past 10 minutes (on your buddies page) or 5 minutes in the buddy status line (at the top).

To ADD someone to your buddy list, click on their user name in any post they have made. Alternatively, you can click on About (in the site navigation bar on any page) and Who, then enter their name in the box that says "Find." When you are on their page, you will see:

Click on the start button next to "Watch List," and that user will be added to your buddy list, but ...

IF they also add YOU to their buddy list, they will now show up as a Buddy in your list, your "mutual buddy list." [Not an official site term ... used for clarity.]

If they DON'T add you, that user will appear as a Watched (stalked) user. The difference is that only Buddies (those who have also selected YOU as a buddy) will show up at the top of your screen when they are online ("mutual buddies").

To remove a buddy, simply repeat the process, and there will be a STOP button to remove someone.

Note: There is a limit of 100 users in your buddy list.

When you open your Buddy List, you will see a display of everyone you have selected, either mutual buddy or watched, at the very top. Next to these, you will see a colored button:
Green signifies On Line in the past 3 to 15 minutes
Yellow/Orange signifies Off Line for somewhere between 15 minutes to 8 hours
Red signifies Off Line for more than 8 hours

The color indicators are square now, and vary in hue to signify additional time periods within those specified above, too much to document here.

b indicates that the user is a "mutual buddy."

Clicking on any of these users' names will take you to their page.

Below this, you will see another area with two tabs: Updated new topics started by buddies and Updated new topics started by watched.

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last modified: 2008-01-24 18:34:18