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I'm Going To Be Wiring My Home W/ (Wall Plates) RG6 In 8 Rooms
2 Per Room(In Case We Move TV To The Other Side Of Room), So 16 Splits + A Cable Modem

What's The Best Way To Do This?
Will I Need Terminators On The 8 Unused Splits,
Should I Terminate At The Splitter Or The Jacks?

This is a special situation and I highly recommend you get a 2 port AMP from your cable company.

My suggestion: Input going into 2 way splitter, one which goes to the cable modem, and the other going into the 2 port amp, and each port of the amp going into an 8 way splitter. This is of course if you want to have all 17 outlets active at once.

If you're just going to have 9 active, just use a one port amp going to a single 8 way. In this case you might not even need to use an AMP, depending on how strong of a signal the cable co pushes into your house.

Hope this helps!

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