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This Section
"You can't tell me what I can or can't say here!"

Well, if you've already seen »Site FAQ »What are the Rules on Posting?, then you have your answer. But if you didn't, here's an example of a typical misguided reference to the Bill of Rights by an anonymous poster in one of our forums:

"I'll post whatever I want. This is a public website with public forums. These arbitrary rules are bullshit that some dweeb thought up to stroke himself over. Free speech is a right under the Constitution's Bill Of Rights, and any publicly accessible website that hosts forums is just that, public, and subject to all the laws and rights granted to citizens of the United States."
(The post also had some additional ranting and swearing in it.)

Sorry, wrong.

This is a privately owned and operated website, and as such, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights do not apply here. There are rules governing behavior on this site which have been established by its owner. If you're dead set about disputing this, please consult appropriate legal resources and precedent before doing so.

The site rules are published here:


and further defined through several site FAQs:

»Site FAQ »Censorship

»Site FAQ »What are the Rules on Posting?

Once you post here, your post becomes the property of the site. You have no control over what happens to it from that point onward. It may be deleted, edited or, as with the vast majority of posts, left alone. The decision to post or not, according to these rules, is your own.

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