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The button was added to the front page of the site in order to assist users who employ special news display programs, also referred to as news aggregators. It has no effect on your normal browser.

A news aggregator is "software that periodically reads a set of news sources, in one of several XML-based formats, finds the new bits and displays them in reverse-chronological order on a single page."

Basically, the program downloads the subject info from the forum that you select and displays it with links, so you can click on whatever you're interested in. At that point, the program will display the DSLR page in full. (There are some options to this.)

Note: All site FORUMS also export headlines -- click the ABOUT link in the FORUM HEADER to find the XML icon for that forum.

One such news-display program, also known as a "news aggregator," is Amphetadesk, located here: www.disobey.com/amphetadesk
Another here: www.newzcrawler.com

The FireFox browser, growing very popular as an alternative to Internet Explorer, has joined the programs able to use RSS feeds. In FireFox, they are called Live Bookmarks. »www.mozilla.org/products/firefox ··· rks.html
There is also an extension available for FireFox which some find preferable to the "LIVE" bookmarks feature. It's called Sage, and it adds a super simple RSS aggregator sidebar to FireFox without too much trouble.

Where can I get RSS feed info?

One source that has many different feed links can be found here: »www.moreover.com/categories/cate ··· rss.html

If when trying to add a forum to your RSS feed, you receive this error "...is not a valid RSS feed," you are probably trying to add a forum that requires you to log in (private forum), and you will need an RSS aggregator that understands cookies. The FireFox browser will successfully handle this.

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