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Obtain the following information from your Internet Service Provider (ISP):
•Username and Password.
•Primary and Secondary Domain Name Server (DNS) Addresses. Note:Your ISP may not require you to manually enter a DNS address. To access your BellSouth DNS information online go here: »AT&T Southeast Forum FAQ »How can I find the DNS server addresses for my city?.

Choose System Preferences from the Apple Menu.
Choose Network from the View menu.
Choose Built-in Ethernet from Show pop-up menu ("Configure" menu prior to Mac OS X 10.1).
Click the PPPoE tab.
Select the check box for "Connect using PPPoE".
Type your user name in the Account Name field. Note: You must use the "username@bellsouth.net" format.
Type your password in the Password field. If you want all users of this computer to use the same connection method, then select the check box for Save Password.
Note: If you want to have the computer automatically connect when you start a TCP/IP application (Web browser, email) then click PPPoE Options and check the Connect automatically when starting TCP/IP applications option.
Click the TCP/IP tab.
Choose either PPP or Manually from the Configure pop-up menu, as instructed by your Internet service provider. Note: Unless you have a Static IP, all FastAccess customers should select "PPP". Manually would only be used if your ISP gave you a static IP address. The static IP address would then be entered in the IP address field.
Type the Domain Name Server addresses in the corresponding field (if required). Make sure you type "bellsouth.net",(in lower case) in the Search Domain field.
Click Apply Now.
Restart machine.

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