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A new method of attaching files to forum messages has been implemented as of October 12, 2005.

This improvement includes a status bar of the upload progress and the ability to intermix the attachments with the text of the message and preview the layout all in one process.

The first difference is the Preview/Attach button as shown here:

The older File-attach toggle button is still available as a backup.

Enter the text of your message, then press the Preview/Attach button.

This will preview your message and display the new +upload attachments button:

Pressing the +upload attachments button will display a fill-in form for the files and captions you wish to attach:

Here you can type in or browse for the files you are going to upload and add any captions if needed. Note the Att 1, Att 2, Att 3, Att 4 attributes. If you do not use any [att=] tags in your message, the attachments will display above all text of the message. However, if you insert att=1 (enclosed in square [ ] brackets) in your message text, then attachment 1 will display in that location. The same for [att=2] and so forth. (You may upload 4 at a time and preview, and then do more.)

When you have filled in the file names and captions (if desired), press the Upload button. The progress bar will start and run from 0 to 100% as the files upload. The file names will also display on the right, confirming they made it.

After the files upload, you may press Preview/Attach again to preview how things look before actually posting.

You may upload more attachments or edit the text or the location of the attachments in relation to the text. You can then press the post button to actually post the message to the board.

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