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The "5360" is not a single kind of modem. The one labeled "060-5360-023" on the bottom is very different from its predecessors. The 5360-023 was made as a simplified unit that removes certain diagnostic access to prevent user-inflicted problems. However it suffers from an ethernet port bug. Unfortunately the troubled modem is what the new 2002 users often get. This can cause or compound their install process giving slow surf. Fortunately there is an easy workaround and a cure.

Simple Workaround:

1. Power on the 5360-023 and allow the unit to fully boot.
2. Power off and then back on very quickly.

The Cure: Re-flash the Modem: See file and instructions, which are available directly from SBC Ameritech at the links provided.

Another secondary source for the patch file is the attachment in this forum post.

The problem is caused by a 10/100 autonegotiation flaw. The unfixed modem works with some 10/100 connections and few, if any, 10-base-T ports. For some it works better to the the user's ISP's sites than elsewhere.

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