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A problem may occur with your home networking while attempting to open/retrieve files from one of your other computers. Once you have everything setup, all your other computers drives added or mapped , then you go out and attempt to open/retrieve a file. In frustration you read an error that states that the system does not have enough storage space or enough memory. The result is that you will not be able to access the file folders on your other computer....

This is where IRPStackSize values come into play. An IRPStackSize value, controls the amount of physical storage space and RAM are available for applications. This value may be incorrect, with regard to your network. You will find IRPStackSize in Windows NT, 2000 and XP.

The value ranges from 11-15 for NT and 2000 and from 11-20 for XP (these are conservative value ranges as the software vendor reports higher ranges, but warns, setting the values too high results in wasted system resources.) A value setting of less than 11 in NT and 2000, and less than 12 in XP may cause the infamous not enough storage space or not enough memory errors when attempting to open/retrieve file folders on your other networked computers.

The following instructions will allow you to safely change the IRPStackSize value. But please always use caution when you are changing values in your registry, as a wrong entry can cause serious problems with the functionality of your computer. If you are not confortable in making these changes, request the services of a computer professional to assist you.

NOTE: Back up your registries first!!!
- Start -> Run
- Type in "regedit" (without the quotation marks)
- Navigate to the following path by single left mouse clicking as you go:
- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ Services\lanmanserver\parameters
- Double-left mouse click on IRPStackSize
- In the event the IRPStackSize registry setting doesn't exist, create it by single left mouse clicking on "Edit" in the menu bar and then single left mouse click on "New" followed by a single left mouse click on "DWORD Value". The new value will then appear, name the value "IRPStackSize" (without quotation marks) and double left mouse click on the icon.
- Set the decimal under Base to 11 for NT and 2000, and 15 for XP - (Note: I have set my Windows XP to 12 and it works fine. However, when setting the decimal under Base, you may want to increase it by three with-in the range (example: 11 to 14 and so on ,up to 15 for NT and 2000 - 12 to 15 up to 20 for XP) Try the defaults first and if you are still getting the error, try moving up the range until you no longer get the error.
- Close the Registry Editor and Reboot the computer after each edit.

This should take care of the error and allow you to access your other file folders on your networked computers.

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The information concerning XP values are found in this information under the "More Information" paragraph and follow the "Q" numbers related to the error.

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