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I have seen many posts on this forum with people having trouble running Websetup. There is a way to run Websetup without connecting to the registration server, that is without having a modem and a phone line installed on your computer.

When you normally run websetup it downloads the following three files from the registration server into your Direcway\BIN Folder:
1. authrsp.acm
2. eemkrsp.acm
3. paramrsp.acm
4. paramrsp.dpcrsp (NOTE: this file is downloaded only if you run websetup from the or software version. downloads only the first three files. File #3 and #4 contain the exact same information, the only difference is the file extension.)

The three files contain all the info that Websetup uses while it configures your computer (IP Address, Gateway, DNS address, etc). No matter how many times you run websetup (with same satellite modems) it will always download these three files with the same exact information on your BIN folder.

In order to avoid to have a modem installed every time you run websetup you can do the following:
Assuming that DW is already installed in your computer and you are able to access internet do the following:
1. Backup these three (or four) files that are located in the BIN Folder into a different folder in your computer (create a new folder in your computer and name it: Activation files. Copy these three files into the new folder youve just created.)
2. Uninstall DW.
3. Re-install DW as you normally do until the Websetup window pops up. When you see the Websetup window, click EXIT. At the Are you sure you want to exit prompt click YES.
4. Manually copy and paste the three files that you have backed up in step #1 into the BIN Folder (usually c:\program files\direcway\bin.)
5. Open MS-DOS prompt by clicking START>RUN and type COMMAND [ENTER]
6. At the MS-DOS prompt navigate to the BIN Folder
- Type: CD\ [ENTER]
- Type: WEBSETUP.EXE /CONFIG [ENTER] (make sure you leave a space between websetup.exe and /config
7. At this point Websetup will start past the point when it searches for modem. It will automatically start configuring your computer.

In case you are having trouble following step #6 do the following:
Open NotePad and paste the following line to it:

Click FILE>SAVE AS. At the Save as Type box select ALL FILES. In the 'File Name' box type: Activate.bat and click Save.
Now all you have to do when you get to step #5 is to double-click on the Activate.bat file that you have created and websetup will automatically start configuring your computer.

From now on, you can install DW in any computer, without having a modem installed, as long as you have those three (four) files backed up in step #1. I suggest you copy the three files into a floppy disk so you can easily install your DW system in any other machine without the need to have a modem and a phone line.

Posted originally in the sat forum by Booyakasha.

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