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Observing the visual indications as your Cayman attempts to perform a power-up and connect sequence, can be useful in troubleshooting and when posting a problem in this forum, letting others know where your indications differ from the norm will assist in helping resolve your problem.

Here's what to expect:

Start with your DSL phone cord and LAN cable(s) CONNECTED but Caymans' power supply UNPLUGGED.

Now watching the lights on the Cayman, plug in the power supply......

Here's what to expect:

1) Power, LAN port(s), DSL and Status lights come on together.
2) DSL and Status lights off briefly while the Power and LAN port(s) remain on.
3) DSL and Status lights flash alternatively twice.
4) DSL and Status lights off briefly.
5) After a pause of a few seconds the Status light flashes a few times, then
remains on.
6) DSL light flashes a few times then turns off until further internet activity.

This is normal operation. If a step fails, here are some probable causes:

Fails on Step 1:
a)No lights at all?
a1)Bad power supply
a2)Defective Cayman
b)No LAN port light?
b1)Bad (or incorrect type) patch cable
b2)Bad NIC
b3)Cayman port defective, try others
c)Bad power supply
d)Defective Cayman

Fails on Step 2:
a)Bad power supply
b)Defective Cayman

Fails on Step 3:
a)Try reloading flash
b)Defective Cayman

Fails on Step 5:
a) Status light does not flash.
a1)Bad/incorrect internal wiring.
a2)ISP problem
a3)Defective Cayman
b) Status light flashes a few times and then goes out, then periodically flashes/goes out.
b1)Cayman configuration
b2)ISP problem

Fails on Step 6)
a)Cayman configuration
b)ISP problem

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