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If you have any older RG59 cable, see any cuts in the lines, or if they detect ingress (noise) on the line, they may require that the line be replaced before you can receive digital services on it.

The reason is that any problems on the line may cause the device to malfunction, work harder than it needs to, or just not work at all. It's probably more preventative maintenance than anything, but it will save you a headache or two down the road.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • It also has to do with the Upstream Transmit level of the modem on the currently installed lines. If you have multiple splitters or numerous live cable outlets in your home, then a new, dedicated line to your modem/emta will be imperative. The reason being is that you have to realize your modem/emta is heavily dependent on two-way communication with the CMTS on the other end of the node. Every split or even a single, 8+ way splitter is going to make it near impossible for your data device to communicate effectively with the CMTS, resulting in frequent dropped internet and/or voice service.

    2012-08-21 23:37:41

  • Interesting. That would explain why changing rooms which has a different cable doesn't work even after I ensured the cable box outside was sending the right signal to the right port room.

    2012-07-31 00:11:32

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