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When a customer may be denied DSL service SWBell engineering will often run these physical tests to assist in the decision of whether DSL should be offered or not.

MLT- Mechanized loop test.
Checks for - Voltage (switch and foreign), current, tone ringer (ringers or half ringer), capacitive (longitudinal) balance, resistance faults (shorts, grounds, crosses), opens, and distance.

MLTs are available in most SBC C.O.s to SBC (non-CLEC) customers. It is a carry over from POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) and not designed for DSL, but can be helpful for DSL trouble shooting.

SBC (non-CLEC) DSL customers should ask for a "Coppermax" test before an MLT on any DSL issues. It is performed by ASI. It is not available everywhere but is geared specifically for DSL.

Please Note: MLT tests are available for RT's but coppermax is not.

Thanks to nunya01 for the test information!

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