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Earthlink always provides external ADSL modems. The supplied ADSL Modems use an Ethernet connection type - You will need an Ethernet card or onboard Ethernet Connector. Earthlink does not support internal or USB modems, but they can be made to work with Earthlink ADSL if you do not mind the extra effort on your part that will be required to setup and configure them.

If you've just recently gotten Earthlink ADSL service in 2006 the newest Modem is the ZyXEL P660R-ELNK Router for ADSL (also supports the LPV - DSL & Home Phone Service packaged bundle's ADSL2+ requirement) and the P660R-61 Router for bundled Home Phone and DSL service (aka LPV - Line Powered Voice and ADSL2+ DSL type). Both have built in PPPoE and both are preset to support 32 Private IP addresses (meaning up to 32 PCs) on the LAN if you just add a multi-port 10/100 Switch. The P660Rs appear to be fully functional Routers (all P660R versions). There is also a newer ZyXEL P660R-D1 that may be sent out in 2007. [Buying Advice: Don't buy a multi-port 10/100 Hub instead as the now very small price difference is not worth the overall performance difference when compared to a faster multi-port Switch]

Formerly a "one PC online at a time" ADSL Modem was given out known as the UHP Modem (since mid-summer of 2002 to the beginning of 2006) and if you joined back then the chances are you will have one of the 5 models of the UHP modems. There is a FAQ Section on the setup, care and feeding of these UHP modems here :

None of the current or early "Bridge only" or UHP ADSL Modems require that you install any Earthlink software to use the service. Early non-UHP Modems (Bridge Only Modems from earlier than 2002) do require some kind of PPPoE software and you can use what Earthlink offers for non-XP systems (WinPoET 4.0), or you can use the Built-in XP PPPoE software or you can even use the "free" RASPPPoE client from here or even a multi-port Router that has PPPoE in the Firmware. However, the current ZyXEL P660R Routers (P660R-61 or P-660R-ELNK) and all the previous UHP Modems do not require that you install any PPPoE software at all as PPPoE is built into all the P660Rs and the UHP Modem versions.

Earthlink UHP ADSL Modems

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»EarthLink DSL FAQ »ZyXEL P660R-61 LPV (Line Powered Voice) Router/Modem setup and details.


NOTE: If you are a long time customer and get a ZyXEL P660R (either type) as a replacement modem then you may have to change the VPI/VCI settings in the modem depending on your lines actual settings. The two choices are 0/35 and 8/35 (the 8/35 is an older no longer used for new installs VPI/VCI pair that was used in Bellsouth areas). Details here: What are the VPI/VCI modem settings for Earthlink ADSL lines?

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