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Apple has posted instructions for dealing with what it calls "customer installable parts." The instructions are available for the following systems:
iPod shuffle

iBook G4 (Early 2004)
iBook G4 (14-inch Early 2004)
iBook G4, iBook G4 (14")
iBook (Opaque 16 VRAM), iBook (14.1 LCD 32 VRAM), iBook (32 VRAM)
iBook (14.1 LCD 16 VRAM), iBook (16 VRAM)
iBook (Dual USB), iBook (Late 2001), iBook (14.1 LCD)
iBook, iBook (Firewire), iBook SE (Firewire)
Powerbook G4 (12-inch)
Powerbook G4 (15" FW 800)
Powerbook G4 (17-inch, 17-inch 1.33Ghz)
Powerbook G4 (867Mhz, 1Ghz)
Powerbook G4 (DVI)
Powerbook G4 (Gigabit Ethernet)
Powerbook G4
Powerbook (Firewire) aka 'Pismo'
Powerbook G3 Series (Bronze Keyboard) aka 'Lombard'
Powerbook G3 Series aka Wallstreet I and II

eMac (ATI graphics)
iMac G5
iMac (17" 1Ghz) and iMac (USB 2.0)
iMac (Flat Panel/17" Flat Panel)
iMac (Slot-Loading)
iMac (Original)
PowerMac G5 (June 2004)
PowerMac G5
PowerMac G4 (FW 800)
PowerMac G4 (Mirrored Drive Doors)
PowerMac G4 (Quicksilver/Quicksilver 2002)
PowerMac G4 (Digital Audio)
PowerMac G4 (Gigabit Ethernet)
PowerMac G4 Cube
Xserve (Cluster Node)
Xserve RAID
Xserve (Slot Load)

Cinema Display (20, 23, 30-inch DVI)
Studio Display 17 (ADC)

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