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Due to many changes to Rogers packages of late, please see Rogers own web site for speeds and bandwidth limits.


The advertised speeds down/up (Mbps unless otherwise stated), monthly cap and overage charge (per GB) for current services as of Aug 17 2010, in DOCSIS 3.0 available areas.

. Rogers Hi-Speed Ultra Lite      - 512/256kbps 2GB $5.00
. Rogers Hi-Speed Lite            - 3/256kbps 15GB $4.00
. Rogers Hi-Speed Express       - 10/512kbps 60GB $2.00
. Rogers Hi-Speed Extreme        - 15/1 80GB $1.50
. Rogers Hi-Speed Extreme Plus - 25/1 125GB $1.25
. Rogers Hi-Speed Ultimate       - 50/2 175GB $0.50

Caps are enforced on Residential packages.

. Rogers Business Services - see »www.rogers.com
(**) Business services have limited availability depending on local zoning

Some areas are NOT DOCSIS 3 ready and the upper tiers in those areas *if available* are ...

. Rogers Hi-Speed Extreme       - 10/1 80GB $1.50
. Rogers Hi-Speed Extreme Plus - 18/1 125GB$1.25
. Rogers Hi-Speed Ultimate       - Not available

Note that these speeds ALSO apply to existing customers with DOCSIS 2 modems on these tiers.

Actual results using speed tests and other tools to measure performance will vary depending on ...

. the type of modem
. the place you live
. the time of day
. other network conditions

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  • typo in Rogers Hi-Speed Express - 1/512kbps 60GB $2.00 should be Rogers Hi-Speed Express - 10/512kbps 60GB $2.00

    2011-06-04 22:07:50 (JJP See Profile)

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