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The Site Search feature has two options:
1. Last 90 days
2. Older .. to 1999.

The more detail you can enter, the better chance you will have for a successful search. Entering the poster's name, selecting the appropriate forum and using keywords as unique as possible will all assist in conducting a successful and more rapid search.

Do not use quotes -- they don't work.

Note: If you use ONE search word, the search will only check the first 5000 instances of that word, across ALL posts made site-wide, regardless of user. Also, if the search word is even a little bit common, a warning is displayed that you need more terms. If you use TWO or more search words, and put the more uncommon word first, (this speeds up the search, although it's not necessary), then you will see much better results.

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last modified: 2008-01-24 18:36:58