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This Section
Note: This section no longer applies because the stars system was removed. It is preserved for historical reasons only. Points still accrue, but are not visible except that they determine levels in the capabilities function.

You accumulate points for frequently using You cannot see your current points, but the system stores them.

As points are accumulated, you will gain stars, which you can see.

Points are awarded for:

Stars and Team Icons: Posted by Sheesh

Stars are rewarded for points earned. Getting stars depends on how long you have been a member, the number of posts you have made and where you post. There are other things to determine your star status.

1 2 and 3 silver stars are earned as you reach 2k, 5k and 20k points
1 gold star is shown if you pass 60k points.
1 green star is shown if you pass 120k points.

A single green star is the end of the star system, except that 1 blue star means the user is a site subscriber (tool points).

For Tool points, and Avatars, please see those FAQ sections.

Additional trinkets:
indicates membership of /forum/disco (United Devices)
indicates membership of /forum/seti (SETI)
indicates membership of /forum/folding (Folding/Genome)

To qualify for one of the spinners shown above, you must first join that team and then go to Members/Extra and fill out Why Did I Join. You should have your team spinner by the next day.

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