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There are a great abundance of Gnutella P2P programs for Linux. Popular clients include LimeWire, Gtk-Gnutella, Napshare, and Qtella. A quick search on FreshMeat will find them all.

There are several IRC clients for Linux. Among the best are X-Chat and BitchX. See the IRC FAQ for more information regarding downloading files from IRC networks

Some time ago there was a KaZaA text-based client for Linux. This project (maintained by the people at KaZaA has been killed). If you're using a *nix, you're probably beyond using KaZaA anyway.

There is an official eDonkey client for Linux, see eDonkey's Website for details and installation instructions.

Several other clients for eDonkey on *nix exist, but none that I've tried work as well as the official one.

Direct Connect:
Direct Connect on Linux sucks. This client and this client are the two best I've used.

Pan is by far the best I've used.

Note: Problems with compiling / installing *nix software should be taken to the Unix Forum

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