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The default folder for downloads may not be the best choice - and NEVER use C:/My Music ... that's a root directory and should probably be avoided for increased security. I would suggest making your own folder, maybe something like this : go to My Computer, C (or whatever your drive letter is), Program files - then on top left, click on file, select 'new folder', and name it 'Songs', or 'Tunes', or 'Waldo' (whatever) ... use that as your default directory, and point kazaa to that folder for up/downloads (in kazaa, go to 'Tools', 'Options', 'Traffic', and drop-down to your new folder. Many users unintentionally share a LOT more than they plan by using the default locations, and it never hurts to be a bit more careful. You can then point your player to this folder, or drag files from it, as before.

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