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Ultimately, it is impossible to know what the actual performance of any broadband service will be until it is completely installed and operational. There are many varying factors that may affect the quality of service received. Someone in your neighbourhood or even next door might receive a completely different quality of service than you.

There is a wide array of companies you can get internet service from. You can get all types of service as well. They vary from dial-up all the way to dedicated business lines. If you want to find out what is available in your area go take a look at The Canadian ISP List or consult the Yellow Pages under "Internet".

You can find an ISP in your area and read reviews of their service written by their customers.

If you are currently a broadband customer, and are considering a switch to a different ISP, it is a good idea to keep your existing service and evaluate the alternative for a short period of time. Some ISP's will even let you try the first month free. Then you can decide which service to keep and which to dump.

When comparing services, some things to check for include:
- upload and download speeds
- connection reliability and stability
- internet routing and latency (ping times)
- email service reliability and speed
- newsgroup service completion rate
- technical support and customer service

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