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First off, if you are an Ameritech customer, you should NOT do the SBC Yahoo migration at this time! SBC will notify you via email and/or postal mail when Ameritech customers are eligible (expected to be sometime in January).

For all other SBC regions:
Go to http://promo.sbcglobal.net/sbcyahoodsl/ and click the Upgrade Now button. See this FAQ for more information on merging a Yahoo ID during this process.

If you have sub-accounts, you'll want to migrate them too. Log into My Account. Your sub-accounts may be listed along with an Upgrade Sub-Acct link. This link will take you through a process similar to the one for your primary account (but shorter, as there's no billing information involved).

If this doesn't work, go to http://sbc.yahoo.com and log in using each sub-account's address and password and you'll be taken through the migration process. In either case, this only needs to be done once per sub-account.

The migration process will automatically change the primary account's Outlook Express and/or Netscape email settings (for Windows), but settings may need to be changed manually for Mac, subaccounts, or alternate mail applications. See a full list of the appropriate mail server settings.

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