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These commands are taken straight from eDonkey. The most useful ones are in bold.

Commands: (optional arguments)
add new server: n servername
Example: n
b # : remove server
Example: b 2
connect: c (#) [# is the number displayed in the server view]
Example: c
Example: c 2
search: s searchstring (-searchtype[Audio, Video, Image, Pro, Doc, Col ])
Example: s fat day -Audio
view results: vr
extend search: xs
space: show space available and the amount of space needed by downloads
download: d # Example: d 5

view downloads: vd
change download: m # [option] [# is the number displayed in the download view]
options: c -cancel the download
options: p -pause the download
options: r -resume the download
options: l -change download priority to low
options: n -change download priority to normal
options: h -change download priority to high
options: v -view the details of the download
g : get server stats
name [desired name] : change your user name
temp [dirname] : sets the temp directory.
in [dirname] : sets the incoming directory.
lang [string table name] : changes the string table used.

dumax # # : sets the maximum download and upload bandwidth.(in KB/sec)
line # : Sets the maximum possible download speed of your line.(in KB/sec)
auto (-) : sets auto connect on or off(-).
save (-) : sets 'save corrupted complete downloads' on or off(-).
asr (-) : sets 'automatically remove dead servers' on or off(-).
mcon # : sets max. number of connections from peers allowed to your machine.
dllink : starts a download from an ed2k-link - usage:
dllink ed2k://|file|(filename)|(size in bytes)|(hash)|

glist [url] : updates the server list from a URL
pass (name password) : sets the name and password to allow a remote controller
of this client. If name ans password are left blank then the username
and password are cleared and no remote control is allowed.
Example: pass jed jedpass
verbose (-) : sets debugging messages on or off(-).
port # : sets the port that you listen for other clients on. Takes effect upon restart.
aport # : sets the port that you listen for controllers on. Takes effect upon restart.
vo view options
vu View Uploads
vq View Upload Queue

vm view servers
vf view shared files
vs view shared directories
vp view connections to other clients
a dirname :add shared directory.
Example: a usr/movies
a+ dirname :add shared directory include subdirectories
Example: a+ c:\program files
unshared directory: u #
Example: u 7
disconnect: x
quit: q

This list can be accessed at anytime by typing ? in the text box at the bottom of the eDonkey window. To use any of the commands, just type the command into the bottom of the text box at the bottom of the eDonkey window.

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