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Like it or not, customers over 12,000 feet from the CO and even some RT-fed customers are put on a plan known as "Optimization" or "Ramp Up". This is essentially how it works: Your new DSL service is turned up at a 384k (and in some cases 192) download rate. Your line is then monitored for approximately 5 days after your order is closed (not after your service is started). That is why you need to leave your modem on for 10 days. A system sees how fast your line can possibly go (max attainable bit rate). Your line speed is gradually increased, as long as the connection is stable.

If you are paying for 1536 and get between 384-1536 after 10 days, that is all you will get. If you are lower than 384, you need to call after the ten day period.

If you are paying for 3M and get between 1.5-3M after 10 days, that is all you will get. If you are lower than 1.5M, you need to call after the ten day period.

Lines which have been upgraded to a higher speed package may also end up in ramp-up under certain conditions as well.

Calling in before the end of the waiting to get your speed "bumped up" is not going to work, so don't bother. All employees have been warned not to adjust anyones speed before the end of the "optimization" period.

For the full discussion on this see this forum thread.

The 6016/608 profile does not have a ramp-up period.

The Ramp Up/Optimization period for the 3008/512 package goes like this:
At two or three day intervals from due date the sync rates are raised.
The Ramp Up/Optimization period is a 10 day period starting on the due date.
If you loop cannot maintain a sync rate,it reverts to the last stable sync rate.
Loops connected to RT's are not normally subject to the Ramp Up/Optimization period because generally RT loops are shorter than CO loops. Its SBC's answer to loops that can't handle 3008/512 sync rates.

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