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Here are the steps for NIS 2002: See below for 2003

1) Open the NIS/NPF Main Window
2) Click on Personal Firewall

3) Click on Internet Access Control
4) Click on Configure
5) Click on System Wide Settings

6) Click on Add

7) Select Permit

8) Click on Next
9) Select Connections to and from other computers

10) Select Only the computers and sites listed below
11) Click on Add

12) Select individually and type the following IP Addresses in the box spacing once between each

Note: Because of a bug in NIS/NPF, the IP address of some incoming ICMP requests are inverted. Therefore, NIS/NPF "sees" as This means that although is not an IP address belonging to BBR, it must be included to be pingable. It is important to note that this is not a security risk. It simply means that your computer will respond to a request from It is hoped that Symantec will correct this soon.

13) Click OK

14) Click Next
15) Select ICMP
16) Select Only the types of communication or ports listed below
17) Click Add

18) Select 0 echo Echo Reply and 8 echo-req Echo Request

19) Click OK
20) Type a name such as "BBR Pingable"
21) Click OK
22) Close NIS/NPF Window
23) Reboot

Note: This rule must be moved to the top of the System Rules, otherwise the default rules will override the DSLR rule. If you prefer not to be pingable by DSLR/BBR all of the time, you may de-select the rule that you just created by un-checking the box next to it in the System-wide Settings list. To become pingable for tweak tests, simply activate the rule before initiating the test, then de-active after.

Here are the steps for NIS 2003:

1) Open the NIS/NPF 2003 Main Window
2) Click on Personal Firewall

3) Click on Configure (enter password if requested)
4) Click on the Advanced Tab

5) Click on the General Rules button
6) Continue with the above directions for NIS 2002 starting from number 6.
Thanks to jazzman916 for the directions and screen shots.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Not working at all with Norton 2012.

    2013-04-29 23:27:23

  • Not working at all with Norton 2011. Followed all directions. Any suggestions?

    2011-04-28 12:24:51

  • update for Norton Internet Security 2009 and simmilar in order to change and add the rules as outlined in the NIS2002 starting from number 6 you must first get to the General rules configuration setting. 1)To get to the General Rules configuration settings start from the main Norton Internet Security screen and 2) click on the Internet Settings link. *It may ask for a password, if it does enter the password for the program. 3)from the settings screen click on the "Smart Firewall" "Advanced Settings" "Configure[+]" link. 4)click on the General Rules Configure[+] link Continue with the above directions from NIS 2002 starting with number 6.

    2010-03-04 05:07:46 (spaceman2002 See Profile)

  • Not working with newest version of Norton or not working because I am in Europe?

    2008-01-05 12:13:35 (Rizava See Profile)

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