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The "How can I modify the current 5660 firmware" recipe given in the 5260->5660 FAQ works on the 2.3.0(7) firmware. For the 2.3.0(7) firmware the check sum at 0xfc has changed to 0x00002721. According to the FAQ it was 0x000026c0 in the 2.3.0(6) firmware. If you hex edit the 2.3.0(7) firmware correctly, binary file comparison command fc gives you:

fc /b 5660.img 5260upgrade.img
Comparing files 5660.img and 5260upgrade.img
000000E3: 03 05
000000FE: 27 00
000000FF: 21 00

Note: You can also find a kit with the files ready to use here:
»The Unofficial SpeedStream 5260 ---> 5660 FAQ »Where is it???

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