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When all the systems appear to be working fine and all software and hardware appear to be in line but you cannot surf/browse/check email, there is the possibility that your ITU and IRU are not "talking to each other". The following steps have often worked when nothing else (e.g., uninstalling the DirecWay software, power cycling the modems, reformatting your hard drive, etc.,) will:

1. Right click on the DW icon in systray and click on "Turbo Internet Properties."

2. Click on the "Return Channel" tab.

3. Check the middle box, "Use only modem or other terrestrial link for return channel."

4. Click on the "Dialup" tab and enter your User Name for your local ISP service (or Hughes Dial-Up ISP service).

5. Click "Apply", then "OK".

6. Either Launch Internet Explorer (initiating your Internet connection) or connect in Dial Return mode by right clicking on the DW icon and then clicking on "Connect".

7. Once connected, you should be able to browse, so browse a few pages.

8. Open Turbo Internet Properties again, and on the "Return Channel" tab, check the box, "Use only satellite for return channel."

9. THEN, keeping the SAME Internet Explorer browser window(s) open, connect to a few more sites.

10. After this, right click on the DW icon and click on "Disconnect".

11. This will fix the non-communicating problem with the ITU and IRU.

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