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how-to block ads

Here are the directions:

1. Double click the Sygate tray icon
2. Tools > Advanced Rules > Add
3. In rule descriptions, type: BBR
4. Select "Allow Traffic," select your NIC (Network Interface Card) and select your screen saver mode.

7. In the Hosts tab, select "IP Addresses"
8. Type in:,,,,

9. Hit Protocols and Ports tab
10. Check "Echo Reply - 0" and "Echo Request - 8"

11.Under Traffic direction, select Both Directions. Click OK twice and close Sygate.

You're done.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • i have did this for my winxpsp3 pc and Sygate,windows firewall but still cant be pinged during tweak.Any ideas?

    2008-06-18 00:49:52 (antoinefinch See Profile)

  • that was wonderfull thanks very much for your help!!!!!!!!!

    2008-03-07 11:30:55

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