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This entire site was originally about Broadband and ISP Reviews. It still is. That message appears to remind (nag) you to either do a review or update the one you've already written. Although many of us are on the site regularly, there are far more who visit here only looking for ISP and Broadband information.

You should see the screen about every six months. If you update, try to write at least 10% of the original review's length (a guard against spamming). Keep in mind that if you don't update your review for two or more years it will disappear from your user profile. See: »Site FAQ »How long will a review stay in a member profile if it's not updated?

Keep in mind that your ISP or provider may be monotonously reliable, but in another geographical location it may be terrible, so all reviews are important.

If you do NOT find your ISP listed, simply email yours in. Many times this will result in a new listing for that ISP.

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