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DSL can be good or bad for online gaming depending on the ISP. It is recommended that you go to the /search section and make some selections (ie: DSLE, SurfCity), and research your choices thoroughly. (Read Reviews, pricing, check out the speed test archive and enter their Domain to see how the speeds are for users in your area.)

Also, get an idea what kind of pings you would see by posting a question in the forum relative to that provider. Others who game with that ISP will let you know what their experiences are. (Simple enough isn't it?)

Next, after you have picked out the best option for pings, take a look at pricing. Concentrate on the best speeds, the company's reliability, (don't want a poor quality company, or one that may not last) and shipping time. (Nothing worse than having to suffer from anxiety while awaiting DSL.

Done this way, you should hopefully have your DSL and a world of high speeds and reliability!

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  • I thought this was very helpful... I bookmarked to help me find a DSL provider

    2011-01-03 11:52:25

  • a little too generic ... I was more interested in WHY SDSL is better for gaming

    2008-04-07 11:33:56

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Also read About DSL for lots more information