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1. The first step in getting lm_sensors to work is to enable i2c devices in your kernel. Once you enable i2c devices you need to be sure to add i2c-dev and i2c-proc support. I like to install these as modules and then add them to my module loader.

Now that you have the i2c-dev and i2c-proc in your kernel you need to download and install lm_sensors. You can get lm_sensors HERE

3. Once lm_sensors is installed you will need to run sensors-detect as root. This will determine what modules you need.

4. It may fail on the last step of writing to /etc/sysconfig/sensors. Don't worry about that error. Just add the modules it mentions to the file that autoloads your modules. Refer to the documentation from your distro on what this file is named.

5. modprobe the drivers that sensor detect tells you it needs to run.

6. After the modules are loaded, from the command line run sensors -s

7. Now type sensors

8. If step 7 gives you info about the motherboard you are in business.

9. To get sensor to display in gkrellm you need to configure the labels. Right click on gkrellm and go to configuration. Under builtins select sensors. What sensor does what depends on your board. Just try temporary labels and make a best guess as to what it is monitoring. Then you can just go back and change the label. Just make sure that whatever label you use does not have a space in it.

NOTE: If for any reason you recompile the kernel you will need to recompile lm_sensors.

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