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Maybe...depending on what hop(s) are experiencing loss.
•Packet loss on your first two hops is usually due to a physical issue in the local loop including noise, T1s, ISDN, bad wiring, long loops, bridged taps, etc. Here are some suggestions:

    Switching to an "Interleaved" signal may reduce or eliminate packet loss. Set at the DSLAM by BellSouth.
    Eliminate the physical problem on the local loop. This must be corrected by a BellSouth technician.
    Isolate and eliminate the physical problem inside the house. Reference the NID Test FAQ and the Homerun FAQ.

•Packet loss and high ping times on a router somewhere on the internet shown utilizing a simple ping test may not actually be a problem at all. Please click here for more information.

Additional Note:Tweaking your computer can not correct packet loss.

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