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So, you've just tediously written a nice table into your FAQ in order to show your info nicely set apart, but when you submit it, there's this massive "white space" between your regular text and your table. You've tried everything, and it just won't go away. What to do?

This is a result of spaces and line returns between table elements. Where that normally does not have any effect on a table, here on the site it is a no-no.

To fix the problem, edit your entry, and remove all spaces between table elements ... they should look like this:

<TABLE><TR><TD>some text information here</TD></TR> and so on. The only exception is that as you write your entry, some line breaks will occur naturally, put there by the site's software. Do not interfere with these; doing so will delete part of your text.

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last modified: 2002-10-16 00:48:10