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It is highly recommended that before you start creating entries in your new FAQ, you go to the "edit properties" page, and create your individual topics, or headings.

Once these have been created, changing them involves a lot of tedious work, so it's far better to get them right before you proceed with the "meat" of your FAQ.

It is also recommended that you utilize a proven numbering system which will allow you or others to add sections later. To do this, skip numbers as you make topic headings, as in:

5.0Leaving Room
10.0Next Topic
15.0Another Topic

This makes it relatively easy for you or another FAQ owner to add a new topic at a later date, and still have room for more.

In a pinch, if the FAQ you're working on wasn't set up this way, and you find yourself with this type of situation:

1. Start
2. Next
3. More
You can still squeeze a topic header in by using decimals, such as 1.1 or even 1.11.

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last modified: 2002-10-15 23:13:11