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  • Go to "Start+Programs+Accessories+System Tools+Backup"
  • Press the Backup Wizard Button, when the Backup Wizard comes up press next then select "Backup Selected files, drives and Network Data."
  • Expand "My Computer" select C:\ and System State, press next.
  • Give the backup job a name like "C and System State", select what drive to save it to and press next when finished.
  • When you are at the "Completing The Backup Wizard" screen press the "Advanced" button and run the options making sure it is set to Normal and Verify.
  • Once you have finished let it backup what you have selected.....you may want to go get some coffee or get something to eat as it will take a while.
To backup more partitions or drives do the same thing as the above except don't backup the System State. Always make C:\ and System State first and then make the other backups after that.

Some more information can be found within these KB articles:
HOW TO: Schedule a Daily Backup in Windows 2000 (Q300960)
Backing up, restoring, and recovering the Windows 2000 registry
HOW TO: Back Up a Windows 2000-Based Computer the First Time (Q241007)

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