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In mid October 2002, Earthlink released a new centralized account maintenance site for all of its customers. To access the site you'll need to go to »myaccount.earthlink.net

You'll access a sign-on screen.

Typically you won't have to choose any one of the tabs above unless you have some other services through Earthlink aside from the typical Dial-up/DSL/Cable/etc.

Note: Each account has a primary user ID/mailbox. Logging on with the primary user ID/mailbox allows you to have full control of the account and all sub-mailboxes. Logging in with a secondary user ID/mailbox will only allow you to modify account maintenance settings for that mailbox.

Below is the map of the Account Maintenance page. There are numbers beside each of the links and listed below them will be a brief explanation of what each one does.

#1. My Account Home basically takes you back to this page. If you're anywhere else on the account maintenance page and want to go back to the account maintenance home, click this link.

#2. Takes you right to »support.earthlink.net which is Earthlink's main support center page.

#3. Takes you to the primary page for Earthlink's dial-up access numbers; local, national, and international

#4. The "Contact Us" link takes you to the section where you can choose to contact Earthlink via Email, Livechat, or give you telephone numbers depending on what you need.

#5, 6, and 7. Each of these take you to sections to promote Earthlink's DSL/Cable/Satellite connections.

#8 and 9. Each of these links take you to where you can add additional services (Web Hosting and/or Wireless) to your already existing account.

#10. Promotion for Earthlink's mailstation device primarily used for those who just want to send email and occasionally browse the web who don't want to spend all the money on a new computer or don't want to have the hassle of all the extras the computer has to offer aside from mail/web browsing.

#11. This link for most people should take you back to the old account maintenance link. For some it may not. For those of you that do, you'll have to login again since this is redirecting you to another site. On this site you can: change your Name, Billing Plan, Check your online usage, update Earthlink with the Operating System you're using, change your password, and enable 800 # service/global roaming services.

#12. This is where you can manage your mailboxes/aliases/email forwarding/vacation messages/spaminator/receive the Earthlink newsletter. There is a more detailed explanation of this section in FAQ section here for Account Maintenance.

#13. This link takes you to step-by-step guides provided by Earthlink on how to configure your email program (or Earthlink software) for the popular mail programs on the Macintosh and Windows platforms.

#14. Not sure about this link. I suppose it lets you setup a new account but it just takes you to the old account maintenance page. (at least it did for this FAQ-writer). If you want to setup a new account you should call 1-800-Earthlink

#15. Shows you how to cancel your account if you choose to do so with a link for policy agreements and telephone numbers to call.

#16. Another link for users to sign up for Web Hosting services through Earthlink.

#17. Takes you to a link where you can download the Earthlink Total Access 2003 software or you can download previous macintosh versions and the latest Earthlink5 lite software.

#18. Billing Information (also dependant on what type of account you have) will most likely take you to the previous account maintenance page (in which you'd have to log in again) or a page that used to be your billing information page.

#19. Referral forms for those of you who referred another person to Earthlink. You can receive a referral credit that could give up to one month's free service. You can click on the link and fill that page out to receive your credit if you have not already.

#20. Got a billing error? If you don't feel like calling or contacting Earthlink via Livechat you can fill out this form which is answered by the Email-support group.

#21. This takes you to a link of all the other extras you can have on your account. For example: Email by phone, Earthlink Calling Card, Digital Music Center, Home Networking, firewall software, and more.

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