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To access your email maintenance log into »myaccount.earthlink.net

You should see a sign-on screen. Log on with your full earthlink user ID and password.

Note: Each account has a primary user ID/mailbox. If you log in with the primary, you can access and change all your mailboxes. If you log in with a secondary mailbox you can only access and change that specific mailbox.

Once you log in to the Account Maintenance, choose the "Email Maintenance" section as shown below.

After you login, provided that you logged in with your primary user ID, you'll see the page below. Otherwise, some of these features may not be here for a sub-mailbox.

#1. Your logout button. When you're done and feeling paranoid, you should logout.

#2. Add Email Address. This is where you get to add an email address and set a password for it.

#3. Change username. Don't like your email address? Change it there.

#4. Change password. Self-explanitory.

#5. Edit Name. If you use webmail, your name is attached with your email address whenever you send it. You can change the name by clicking here.

#6. Remove Alias. Should you ever want to delete an alias from a mailbox, this is how you do it.

#7. Aliases, should you ever need any. Aliases aren't real mailboxes, they're more like mail forwarding boxes.

#8. Email Forwarding. Want to setup forwarding to any other email address on the net? Do it here.

#9. Vacation Messaging. Going to be gone for a week or two? Setup a vacation message and whenever you receive an email your notification will respond back to them letting them know you're gone. Just don't forget to disable it when you get back.

#10. Spaminator. Like spam? Neither do I. Get rid of a good chunk of it with spaminator. It's like a switch. On or off.

#11. Earthlink sounds out a newsletter. Want to receive it? Enable it there.

#12. Want to get rid of a secondary mailbox? Pretty self-explaniatory

#13. This link basically gives you the details as if you were viewing this mailbox as a primary mailbox. It'll allow you to change the password/setup aliases/etc.

That about sums up your email maintenance area of your account.

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