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That depends on your system. Most likely, yes, assuming that they have not installed a high pass filter on your friend's line or limited your particular modem to a particular node.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I would agree that the answer is yes but would like to add Each modems MAC is attached to a services address. The CMTS registers that MAC and tells the Modem to use a certain DS and US because it knows your address is in node X If your friend lives in a different Node or sub node that has that DS but doesn't have that US then no and vice versa or neither The cable company isn't trying to limit your modem to a particular node, but using the CMTS as efficiently as possible so as not to have 2 many US and DS in a less populated area and not enough in a highly populated area.

    2011-09-22 03:23:18

  • Depending on the provider, you may need to call the ISP to have your modem "bound" to the account at the new address, otherwise the modem may show that it's online, but get no account information, therefore, no browsing.

    2008-06-17 12:31:46 (KraZe9 See Profile)

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