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The VIP tag is a label reserved for certain individuals who are recognized as experts in their fields and who have established a track record of helping, such as techs for some of the larger ISPs and broadband techs who are willing and able to help users in the forums. Other VIPs are ISP management or webmasters of other broadband sites friendly to DSLR.

You may be able to upgrade your account to site "VIP status." To apply, go to this page.

VIPs are still subject to the same posting rules as any other site user and have no abilities beyond regular users.
VIP accounts maybe marked as such publicly, or you may choose not to be marked. We prefer helpful techs in the forums to be visible as such.

Please note #1: This tag is approved sparingly.

Please note #2: If you are an approved Site VIP, after your tag has been approved, it will show on your posts but not on your profile until the tag field is filled out in your preferences.

The VIP tag field is at the top of the forum preferences page:

Thanks to Pike for some input on this entry.

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last modified: 2011-04-05 12:59:33