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What's New Version 3.2.0

Added support for the new core, GBGromacs. This core is a variant on the main Gromacs core Core_78, differing in its incorporation of a fast, "implicit solvent" model (as used in Core_65). It complements Core_78 nicely, increasing the spectrum of tools available.

If you updated to 3.0.3 recently (10/18/04) , you also need to grab the new protein file. It was changed after the 3.0.3 update due to some problems at Stanford.

Fixed a problem with a Windows PC running EMIII being able to read Linux files via Samba.

Had a very quick Half Life.

3.0.1 (10/16/2004)
Because the new AMBER core writes a file I have been using to trigger the completion of a frame at every checkpoint, I have modified EM to use a different file for this trigger. The issue with the Linux boxes still hasn't been resolved yet. Next release should see a fix for that.

3.0.0 (10/12/2004)
AMBER core now recognized. I revamped the protein data file. I am no longer basing the protein value on the protein name. I am now using the project number. This should get rid of a lot of those unknown protein point values because the protein name on the Stanford web site doesn't match the actual protein name in the work unit data file. This is a major update to the program so I have gone from version 2 to version 3. I still have more changes to make, but this converts EM to work with this new protein data file structure. The calculator has also been updated to work with this new structure also. I expect that because EM has gotten very complicated internally, there may be something I missed. Please post anything you notice that doesn't act correctly or as expected. Provide the work unit name/project number when you post.

The old protein data file will no longer be supported or updated. The old file has been removed from the site and the new one has been put up in its place. If this new method works out, I may be able to make EM update automatically and the days of posting new protein data files may be over... I hope. Only time will tell.

2.7.0 (10/10/2004)
AMBER core now recognized. Beta test.

2.6.8 (08/25/2004)
A long time ago we stopped having proteins that took less than 60 seconds per frame so I made an adjustment to the code which tried to keep EM from sounding a false alarm if something seemed to be happening a little more quickly than it probably should. Until lately, this hasn't been an issue. But with the release of some proteins with 500 frames, each frame sometimes breaks the 60 second barrier on a fast machine. This caused EM to appear hung up. It actually saw each frame complete, it just didn't consider the time valid so it reset the watch. Now, unless the frame time goes under 10 seconds, this won't happen.

2.6.7 (08/12/2004)
EM wasn't shutting down the FAH 5 Client when it was told to do so by the user. That issue is fixed.

Shame on you, you haven't updated!

Enjoy the latest and greatest! :D

Special Thanks to The Weatherman for all the efforts!

Get the latest version here: »www.em-dc.com

Edit: Note that you will not be able to download EMIII at this time. This FAQ is informational if you have already installed and updated EMIII to this point.

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